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Genre: Prose

From traffic control to Customs hall, from the airport manager's office to lay-over apartments in “Stewardesses’ Row” the rooms are filled with men and women whose private pressures and passions match the fury of the blizzard that sweeps across the runways outside... For seven hours of suspense, a blocked runway, suicide, pickets, an aerial stowaway, pregnancy, smuggling, mass demonstrations, and a psychotic with his home-made bomb build to a nail-biting climax…

Genre: Prose

Nim Goldman is the vice president of GSP&L - the corporation feeding power, light and heat to the kilowatt hungry state of California.

He's a man with a big job and all the women he can handle, but he knows the crunch is coming. Soon, very soon, power famine will strike the most advanced society the world has ever known...

Genre: Prose

When Crawford Sloane's wife, son and elderly father are mysteriously kidnapped, his life turns upside down. As CBA-TV's most celebrated and popular newscaster, he has become a prime target for terrorists.While the TV network is held to ransom, Sloane decides to launch his own rescue mission, and asks Harry Partridge, his colleague and competitor since the days they covered the war in Vietnam together, to head the operation.This is the most perilous assignment either has ever undertaken, and in an uneasy partnership, it will require all their professional and emotional strength.For Jessica, Crawford's wife, is the only woman Harry has ever loved...

Hours before he is due to set off on a long-delayed and much-deserved vacation with his wife and son, Det.-Sgt. Malcolm Ainslie takes a phone call he would have been better off ignoring. The caller is the chaplain at Florida State Prison, delivering a message from Elroy Doil, the serial murderer Ainslie helped put on the prison's death row. On the eve of his execution, Doil has asked to make a confession. But there is a condition: he will deliver it only in person to Ainslie.

Ainslie has no choice. Doil was convicted of a double murder, but he was suspected in ten more. No homicide detective could turn down the opportunity to close ten murder cases in a single night. What Ainslie learns from the condemned man, however, propels the ex-priest-turned-cop into an investigation that reaches into the most elite levels of his own department and the Miami city government. And it tests as never before his skills as a cop and his character as a man.

Genre: Prose

Miracle drugs save lives and ease suffering, but for profit-motivated companies, the miracle is the money they generate... at any cost.  Billions of dollars in profits will make men and women do many things--lie, cheat, even kill.  now one beautiful woman will be caught in the cross fire between ethics and profits.  As Celia Jordan's fast-track career sweeps her into the highest circles of an international drug company, she begins to discover the sins and secrets hidden in the research lab... and in the marketplace.  Now the company's powerful new drug promises a breakthrough in treating a deadly disease.  But Celia Jordan knows it may deliver a nightmare.

Although airlines throughout the world operate on Greenwich Mean Time so far as their crews are concerned, the journey of over 1,500 miles from Winnipeg to Vancouver involves three local time zones: Central Time, Mountain Time, and Pacific Time. This double resetting of the clock each time to put the hands back an hour, would be chronologically confusing in the story which follows. One standard time, therefore, has been assumed throughout.

It is hardly necessary to add that the events, the airlines, and all the persons mentioned are entirely fictitious.

Genre: Prose

A story of the supercharged world of the American car industry. From the grime and crime of a Detroit assembly line, through to the top-secret design studios and executive boardrooms and bedrooms, the author gives the reader a study of the motor metropolis.

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