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This exciting new crime thriller introduces detective and World War 1 hero, Joe Sandilands. It is India 1922 and Britain is in her final flush of Empire. In Panikhat, 50 miles from Calcutta, the wives of officers in the Bengal Greys, a smart cavalry regiment, have been dying violently, one a year and each in March. The only link between them is the bunch of small red roses that mysteriously appears on the women's graves on the anniversary of their deaths. Joe is asked discreetly to investigate. It becomes clear to him that the deaths are indeed connected and that the series has not yet run its course. If he has it right there will be one more recipient of the Kashmiri Roses. With only days to go before the end of March and the time for the sixth murder can Joe with his modern policing methods and his faith in the new western science of psychological profiling uncover a murderer whose compulsions seem to be rooted in the dark soul of India itself? And is he hunting an Indian or a European killer?

On a break from his policing duties, Joe Sandilands is visiting his old army friend, James Lindsay, commander of the British army's front line fort at Gor Khatri on the Afghan border. An uneasy peace is in operation, but into this situation is injected an ill-assorted group of visitors to the fort.

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