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Genre: Fiction

Century-old Dome Six is crumbling. Inside is chaos. Outside is death. Ever since the Authority covered up her parents’ deaths, Tosh has been stuck teaching dead-eyed children the same 100-year-old curriculum. And now algorithms will determine her own son’s lot in life. But no matter the outcome, all that awaits him is a lifetime of toil and stultifying boredom. A life on rails. Cytocorp built eight self-contained cities to protect the best and brightest from a looming environmental disaster. The models said it would likely take a century for conditions to improve, and that day is fast approaching. But hope, like most everything else in Dome Six, is hard to come by. If any of the Dome’s critical systems fail, they all die. Now things are starting to break, and a rash of accidents has everyone on edge. Only they may not be accidents at all. When the hunt for a saboteur hits home, Tosh’s pursuit of the truth leads her back to the past — which may hold the key to their future.

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