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Genre: Prose

Germany, 1985.

The Council has fallen and the is sundered in two, but the uneasy peace will not last long. To the east, Karl Holliston – now styling himself the of the Greater German  – is planning the conquest of Berlin and the destruction of the rebels, while to the west Germany’s former satellites are planning a bid for independence and the North Atlantic Alliance is uneasily considering just what will happen to the vast arsenal of nuclear weapons.

As the civil war begins, as the Panzers begin their advance on Berlin, the rebels are forced to fight to save their revolution…

…Or watch helplessly as a jackboot stamps down on Germany, forever.

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Genre: Fiction

When alien starships from a hostile interstellar power arrive in orbit, Britain is one of their first targets. Swiftly, the aliens take control of Britain’s cities and force the remainder of the British military to go on the run. With the government destroyed, the population must choose between fighting and collaborating with the alien overlords. This is truly Britain’s darkest hour.

Caught up in these events are a handful of ordinary people, struggling to survive. The Prime Minister, forced into hiding, and an unscrupulous politician looking to find fame and power by serving the aliens. Soldiers fighting an insurgency and senior officers trying desperately to find the key to driving the aliens away from Earth; police officers faced with a choice between collaboration or watching the aliens brutalise the civilian population. And ordinary citizens, trying to survive a world turned upside down.

But resistance seems futile and the aliens appear unstoppable — and the entire population is caught in the middle. As the alien grip tightens, the last best hope for freedom lies with those who will never surrender… and are prepared to pay any price for the liberation of Earth.

Genre: Fiction

The Empire — a tyranny stretching over thousands of worlds, run by the corrupt and evil Thousand Families. Freedom, justice and liberty are a joke. Resistance is futile. From the formerly independent worlds crushed by the Empire, to the slaves and workers bred for their role, to the personnel of the Imperial Navy itself, rebellion seethes, but freedom seems a dream…

The Rebel — Colin Harper, betrayed by a superior officer, assigned to a useless backwater and forced to become compliant in terrible crimes, has a plan. He and his fellows will seize their ships and provide a focus for a galaxy seething with helpless rage under the Empire’s rule…

[I wrote this complete series some years ago and (after getting feedback) revised book one. These are the original three volumes of the series.

I wanted to write a series looking at a rebellion, those who might have reason to resist the rebels — and what happens after the rebels win… Did I succeed? You tell me.]

Genre: Fiction

It is two years after the fall of the UN released the planet Svergie from bondage, yet all is not well. The government is on the verge of breaking apart between competing factions, Communist groups are preparing a mass uprising and the countryside is planning to secede from the rest of the planet. The tinder is ready; all it needs is for some idiot to light the match…

Captain-General Andrew Nolte and his Legion of the Dispossessed, a band of interstellar mercenaries, have been hired to train a proper army for Svergie, an army that might bind the planet together. Powerful forces are gathering to oppose the Legion, however, and Andrew has a cause of his own…

Genre: Fiction

“The Fuhrer is dead – long live the Fuhrer.”

Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt lie dead, but the war goes on, nearly two years since Britain was moved back in time to 1940. As 1942 dawns, all of the powers know that the final reckoning is about to begin. From the deserts of the Middle East to the cold of the Far East, from Russia to Europe, even within America to the icy deaths of space, the fighting expands until it seems that it will never end. With Allied armies preparing to invade Europe, all who have collaborated with the Nazis know that their time is running out.

As the Allies and Axis prepare for the final round, there is one last horror to be unleashed… for Himmler, Stalin and Tojo won’t go out without a fight. Bleeding their counties to the last drop of blood, they prepare their final stand against democracy, developing new and terrible weapons. The fate of the world remains in the balance… and dark secrets wait to be revealed…

Genre: Fiction

“They say that generals always prepare for the last war, and now they have a chance to fight it… so why are we still barely holding our own?”

Six months after Britain discovered itself to be in 1940, the war is still raging. From Norway to France to Algeria to the Middle East to India to Australia, the British are fighting desperately to hold a thin red line against fascism… and the balance may be about to shatter. Thanks to the actions of a rogue British criminal, the world now knows about the future…and what weapons are needed to change it.

Working together to reverse the verdict of history, Germany, the Soviet Union and Japan call upon every weapon at their disposal, while the troubles in America are only just beginning. As terrorist tactics and violent war shatter long-held beliefs and entire people are exterminated, just how far will people go to establish their vision of the new world order?

Genre: Fiction

The Federation has endured for hundreds of years, but as corruption and decadence wear away the core of human unity, rogue admirals rise in rebellion. As the Federation struggles for survival, two officers, an old Admiral and a newly-minted Lieutenant, may be all that stands between the Federation and destruction.

Genre: Fiction

Humanity is losing the war. The once-mighty space navies have been crippled, officers and crew have been stretched to the limit and Earth herself has come under heavy attack. The end cannot be long delayed. For Admiral Smith and the crew of HMS , the stakes have never been so high.

The one hope is to make contact with alien factions that might oppose the war. But, as sets off on a desperate diplomatic mission, it rapidly becomes clear that there are both human and alien factions that wish to fight the war to the bitter end — and that her previous missions have sown the seeds of success… or total failure.

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Genre: Fiction

A thousand years ago, the enigmatic Killers destroyed Earth, leaving only a handful of humans in surviving space-based habitats to rebuild as best as they could. Now, the human race has spread through countless star systems, but remains hopelessly inferior to the Killers. The god-like aliens are systematically driving humanity to the verge of extinction.

Desperate times need desperate measures and humanity launches a crazy plan, to board and seize a Killer starship, hoping to unlock their technology. But the Killer plan to rebuild the universe from scratch is well underway, leaving humanity at the verge of total extinction. If they fail, the Killers will be the only form of life remaining in the entire universe…

Genre: Fiction

Book II of .

The rebels have won a great victory, shattering the Empire’s grip on Sector 117. Starships are mutinying, the Empire’s power and authority are crumbling and the rebels are making their way towards Earth. Their victory seems inevitable.

But, as news of the rebellion finally reaches Earth, the Thousand Families start preparing for all-out war. The Empire has a war leader, a colossal advantage in firepower and the determination to do whatever it takes to destroy the rebels before they can win.

As both sides rush towards a titanic confrontation, they know that whoever wins will inherit the Empire. But, with humanity’s mighty civilisation threatening to collapse, they may only inherit a desert called peace.

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Genre: Fiction

The Empire — a tyranny stretching over thousands of worlds. The grand dreams of the founders are a joke. The Thousand Families, the rulers of the Empire, care nothing for anything, save their own power. From the undercity of Earth to the new colonies at the Rim, discontent, anger and rebellion seethe, but there is no hope of breaking the power of the Empire and freeing the trillions of enslaved humans and aliens.

The Rebel — Commander Colin Walker believed in the Empire, until a treacherous superior officer betrayed him, forcing him to see the true nature of the force he served and his compliancy in terrible crimes. Now, Colin has a plan; he and his followers in the Imperial Navy will seize their ships and rebel against the Thousand Families, uniting the thousands of rebel factions under his leadership. Their war will set the galaxy on fire…

Genre: Fiction

Earth is not alone. There is a towering civilisation out in the galaxy, far greater than anything we can imagine. But we are isolated from the galaxy… until now.

When a bunch of interstellar scavengers approach Earth, intending to abduct a few dozen humans and sell them into slavery in the darkest, they make the mistake of picking on Steve Stuart and his friends, ex-military veterans all. Unprepared for humans who can actually fight, unaware of the true capabilities of their stolen starships, the scavengers rapidly lose control of the ship — and their lives.

To Steve, the captured starship represents a great opportunity, one to establish a new civilisation away from Earth and its increasingly oppressive bureaucracy. But with the aliens plotting their revenge and human factions suspicious of the new technology, it will be far from easy to create a whole new world…

[Like my other self-published Kindle books, is DRM-free. You may reformat it as you choose. There is a large sample of the text — and my other books — on my site: . Try before you buy.]

Genre: Fiction

Europe, 2025.

Britain — and the European Union — is struggling to remain civilised. Unemployment is high, ethnic and religious tensions are rising sharply, crime is skyrocketing, the value of money is falling and the whole system is on the verge of collapse. Across the continent, united only in name, countless individuals struggle to keep themselves afloat and survive for a few more days.

But weakness invites attack and covetous eyes set their sights on the remains of Europe’s industry and trained population. As a military juggernaut descends on an unprepared continent, the remains of Britain’s once-proud military must fight to defend their country… or watch helplessly as Britain falls into darkness.

Genre: Fiction

Ark Royal

But with a crewman who isn’t what he seems, untested pilots and international friction — and a new and dangerous alien plan — can Ted and his crew survive their mission… or will they die, alone and unremarked, hundreds of light years from home?

Genre: Fiction

Seventy years ago, the interstellar supercarrier was the pride of the Royal Navy. But now, her weapons are outdated and her solid-state armour nothing more than a burden on her colossal hull. She floats in permanent orbit near Earth, a dumping ground for the officers and crew the Royal Navy wishes to keep out of the public eye.

But when a deadly alien threat appears, the modern starships built by humanity are no match for the powerful alien weapons. and her mismatched crew must go on the offensive, buying time with their lives. And yet, with a drunkard for a Captain, an over-ambitious first officer and a crew composed of reservists and the dregs of the service, do they have even the faintest hope of surviving…

…And returning to an Earth which may no longer be there?

[Like my other self-published Kindle books, Ark Royal is DRM-free. You may reformat it as you choose. There is a large sample of the text — and my other books — on my site: Try before you buy.]

Genre: Prose

The year is 1950, but not the 1950 we know. The Second World War ended in 1943. Hitler never declared war on the United States and is currently master of an empire that stretches from the Atlantic coastline of France to the Ural Mountains in Russia. Hundreds of millions are dead or enslaved as Hitler’s followers make his dreams real, but the is still not satisfied. To the west, Britain remains independent — and, beyond it, the United States of America.

Since 1943, the world has enjoyed an uneasy peace.

That is about to change…

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Genre: Prose

The Nazi Civil War rages on…

The Provisional Government has scored a significant victory, driving the back from Berlin and winning itself time to plot a counteroffensive. But Karl Holliston — the self-declared of the Greater German  — isn’t about to give up so easily. As mighty armies prepare for the final campaign, winter sweeps down from the east and both side prepare their ultimate weapons, the fate of the world hangs in the balance…

…And if the burns, the rest of the world may burn too.

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