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Genre: Fiction

When Helward Mann leaves the city of Earth, he has no reason to believe that the world that lies beyond the walls could be anywhere but his home planet. Indeed, despite similarities, there is evidence which he cannot ignore — that slowly betrays all his preconceptions.

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1975.

Genre: Fiction

You are about to enter a bizarre and unfamiliar world — the underworld of “the glamour.” It’s a place both seductive and sinister, where men and women possess enviable powers. A world of alternating states, a world that exists on the edge of reality, behind a viel of invisibility.

In the world they call the glamour, Richard and Susan meet and fall very much in love. For Richard, the victim of a terrorist bombing, fighting to piece together his shattered memory, it is a love both strange and new. But for Susan, a woman fighting for their future, it is a love that began long ago in Richard’s forgotten past. Now she must help him to remember the past they share — and the power they possess. It is a power that allows them to cloak themselves in a mysterious aura or glamour. Poeopel who possess it can fade in and out of sight. The glamour is a power they can use for good or for evil. Yet for Richard and Susan, it is becoming a power they must escape, or be haunted by forever.

As sophisticated as it is provocative, is a mesmerizing novel of psychological suspense that dares to probe the powers of the mind, ESP, and the ways in which people see — or fail to see — each other. Both a captivating love story and a haunting metaphor of modern life, it is a unforgettable reading experience.

Genre: Fiction

War has devastated the African continent. Millions of homeless, hungry refugees have fled to other lands. In England, as more and more Africans arrive and set up communities, normal life soon begins to disintegrate, with the entire population irrevocably factionalized into the Afrims and their supporters; the right-wing government and its supporters; and the ever-growing British civilian refugee group, ousted from its communities by the Afrims.

Forced by violence to leave their home in London, Alan and Isobel Whitman attempt to drive to Bristol with their daughter, Sally, to seek shelter with relatives. But the car breaks down and the Whitmans find themselves at the mercy of roving bands from the various factions. Separated from and reunited with his family, forced to suffer from indignities and dangers, torn by loyalities and sympathies, Alan is unable to give his allegiance to any of the three warring groups until a final brutal decision is made for him.

In this, his second novel, Christopher Priest dramatically explores the inevitable outcome of human prejudice and hatred. This is an engrossing, frightening and irresistible story.

First published in England under the title

Fugue for a Darkening Island

Genre: Fiction

Reality is illusory and magical in the stunning new literary SF novel from the multiple award-winning author of —for fans of Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell.

A tale of murder, artistic rivalry, and literary trickery; a Chinese puzzle of a novel where nothing is quite what it seems; a narrator whose agenda is artful and subtle; a narrative that pulls you in and plays an elegant game with you. The Dream Archipelago is a vast network of islands. The names of the islands are different depending on who you talk to, their very locations seem to twist and shift. Some islands have been sculpted into vast musical instruments, others are home to lethal creatures, others the playground for high society. Hot winds blow across the archipelago and a war fought between two distant continents is played out across its waters. serves both as an untrustworthy but enticing guide to the islands; an intriguing, multi-layered tale of a murder; and the suspect legacy of its appealing but definitely untrustworthy narrator. It shows Christopher Priest at the height of his powers and illustrates his undiminished power to dazzle.

Genre: Fiction

The year is 1893, and the workaday life of a young commercial traveller is enlivened by his ladyfriend, and she takes him to the laboratory of Sir William Reynolds building a Time Machine. It is but a small step into futurity, the beginning of a series of adventures that culminate in a violent confrontation with the most ruthless intellect in the Universe.

The novel effectively binds the storylines of the H.G. Wells novels and into the same reality. Action takes place both in Victorian England and on Mars, as the time machine displaces the protagonists through space in addition to time.

Genre: Prose


After ten years of quietude, author Christopher Priest (nominated one of the Best of Young British Novelists in 1983) returns with a triumphant tale of dueling prestidigitators and impossible acts.

In 1878, two young stage magicians clash in a darkened salon during the course of a fraudulent sйance. From this moment, their lives spin webs of deceit and exposure as they feud to outwit each other. Their rivalry takes them both to the peak of their careers, but with terrible consequences. It is not enough that blood will be spilt — their legacy is one that will pass on for generations.

The PrestigeThe Prestige

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