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Right after World War II:

“I want you to spoil the secret of Atomsk.”


Coppersmith spelled it out, adding, “It’s the Russian atomic center. We want them to know that we know all about it. We want them to guess as to how we know about it. We want to get the information for our own use, but we don’t just want to know about it as a bombing target. We want the Russians to suspect us so much that they will not fool themselves. For that, we need a man as a weapon.”

“To go in, to get out, and, after he was out, to leave traces?”

“Right. If the Russians think we know about their precious secret, they will be less disposed to take a chance. If we ourselves do know what the secret is, we will be less inclined to wage war against an unknown and therefore exaggerated danger. This is the meanest kind of fight there is, Major. It’s a fight to keep the peace.”

* * *

Major Michael Dugan had spent the war successfully pretending to be a Japanese officer. Now he infiltrates the secret Soviet city of Atomsk. The flair he does it with, the cleverness with which he overcomes countless obstacles,and the richness of the writing, make Atomsk a unique story and a page-turner. A dash of romance helps.

This Cold War-era spy novel was written by the man who went on to science fiction fame as Cordwainer Smith. His name in daily life was Paul M. A. Linebarger, and using his own name he wrote the classic book Psychological Warfare, translated into 14 languages.

Genre: Fiction

The discovery of stroon, a drug that confers near immortality on humans, has made Old North Australia rich, so rich that, when Rod McBan has to flee the planet because someone wants him dead, he buys the Earth.

Cordwainer SmithPaul Myron Anthony Linebarger

Portions of this novel have been previously published under the following titles:

The Planet BuyerThe Boy Who Bought Old Earth,

The Underpeople,

The Planet Buyer

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