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"Peter Brunold has a bloodshot glass eye to use the "morning after". It is distinctive, closely identified with him, and thus quite a handicap when a corpse is found clutching a bloodshot glass eye. Later, another corpse is found, with another bloodshot glass eye in hand. Perry Mason is in almost as much jeopardy as his client: the lawyer's fingerprints have been found on one of the alleged murder weapons."

"When a potential client wants to see Perry Mason about a howling dog and a will, the attorney is not interested. He does not enjoy drawing wills, and wonders if the man shouldn't see a veterinarian. However, when the man asks whether a will is legal if the person who made it had been executed for murder, immediately Mason becomes interested. He finds, in addition to the will and the dog, a man who had run away with the wife of another, and a sexy housekeeper."

When a man’s past threatens his family’s future there’s only one way to turn — to Perry Mason Harlow Bissinger Bancroft, head of a vast corporate empire and a happily married man, had a battery of lawyers — not one of any use to him in his present situation. That’s why he sat facing Perry Mason, his air of authority vanished, a deeply disturbed man. “There are three ways of dealing with a blackmailer,” Mason told him, “but only one should concern you — tell him to go jump in the lake.” The blackmailer was found on the lake, all right, but he’d not had a chance to jump in it for he was as dead as the proverbial mackerel.

“You’ll have a tombstone on your chest, roses growin’ all around it, too, if you tie into that pair,” Mugs Magoo had warned Paul Pry. But the famous gang buster only laughed as he planned his next baffling deal — muscling artists were monkey meat to him.

Amateur burglar extraordinary — that’s what George Brokay wanted to be — and he got his wish! But he never knew there could be so many angles to a simple job of house-breaking until he stepped into that darkened room — just in.

In rural Idaho a man with amnesia is missing. He had a picture taken of himself in front of a cabin he built and sent it to his wife. He said he had bouts of amnesia following a car accident. A detective from the big city is on his way out to solve the case. Local sheriff Bill Catlin shows him country sheriffs know a thing or two.

It takes talent to kill two birds with one stone... but it takes genius (Erle Stanley Gardner variety) to make three bull’s-eyes with one arrow. This Perry Mason mystery is a tantalizing triple-decker. One threesome comprises three glamorous ladies — all long-legged models with ambitions that range from keeping the home fires burning to putting the home fires out. Another trio is a far-from-pleasant collection of small metal objects called guns. Finally, the favorite triumvirate of mystery readers around the world: Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake. This is one of Mason’s most absorbing cases — meaning sensational action all the way, with a fabulous courtroom climax.

“What prominent lawyer received the mitten in front of his office building last night? Who was the mysterious blonde spitfire who swung one from the hip and left him groggy...?” That gossip columnist knew that Perry Mason was the lawyer. But Mason himself didn’t know who the girl was... and he wanted to. She had climbed down the fire escape from the Garvin Mining, Exploration and Development Company — right into Mason’s office on the floor below. After a story which neither believed, she ran away. And the next day Ed Garvin came to see the lawyer. Garvin said he didn’t know the girl. He was just crazy about his new bride... but he did want Mason to find out whether or not he had two wives. He, himself, didn’t quite know. Perry Mason takes the case that soon involves murder and reaches a climax in one of the most brilliant courtroom scenes of Mason’s career.

Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake... faced with a puzzle to which their arch antagonist, Hamilton Burger, alone seemed to have the missing piece... Muriell Gilman left her father at the breakfast table while she cooked seconds of sausages and eggs. When she returned, he had disappeared — seemingly into thin air. She searched the house from cellar to attic. Then she went out to the workshop... there, scattered on the floor, were hundred-dollar bills, and in their midst — a spreading crimson stain... That’s when she telephoned Perry Mason. Some of the characters: Nancy Gilman, a talented photographer who looked like a picture herself; Glamis Barlow, a chic blonde who loved to gamble and was definitely in the chips; Hartley Elliot, an up-and-coming beau of Glamis’, who, unlike his car, had a battery charged for action; Vera Martel, a shady detective interested in shady pasts.

Arthur Bickler was mad. The truck marked Skinner Hills Karakul Company was responsible for the accident. What’s more, the driver unceremoniously had snatched away his notebook in which he had written down the license number of the truck. He certainly thought he was entitled to $750 damages. Jackson thought he might get $500. Perry Mason compromised for $2000... He smelled more than sheep in them that hills... The first person Perry Mason ferreted out was Daphne Milfield, obviously a blonde bomber in spire of the swollen eyes. Then there was suave Harry Van Nuys — a bit too solicitous about his friend’s wife. And Carol Burbank, a streamlined beauty who knew she had brains — and used them. From then on it’s a matter of ships and shoes and candlewax — and for a time Della Street, paul Drake, and Perry mason wished they had left their clothes on the hickory limb and not gone near the water...

FRANK DURYEA, the young D. A., was on the spot. Elections were coming on. The ranchers in Petrie, California, were up in arms over a loophole in the law. A mysterious and seemingly impossible murder was making a confused situation even more embarrassing. And a lot of very nice people were involved, each certain that the others were mixed up in the murder. ENTER CRAMPS WIGGINS. Duryea and his wife Milred had learned to expect most anything when her grandfather clattered into town in his disreputable-looking car with the home-made trailer. Cramps’ visits had an effect like that of a fresh, salty gale — invigorating and energizing, but promising trouble at least, if not out-and-out destruction. And this time was no exception. Excitement was Gramps’ life. If there wasn’t any, he made it; and if there was, he helped it along and made it bigger. Gramps had never let himself become too civilized — and a lucky thing it was for the District Attorney. For when they found the murdered man in the chicken rancher’s shack it was Gramps, with his eye for the girls and his knowledge of comparatively primitive accoutrements such as oil lamps, who found the astounding answer to a confusing puzzle.

Two poisonings and two shootings at the Shore mansion on the thirteenth of October are no mere coincidence. Nor is the presence, in the neighborhood, of that celebrated man-about-murder, Perry Mason. Warned by the local police to stay off the Shore case, Mason refuses to do so Result? His secretary, Della Street, is indicted on a charge of hiding a witness. And Mason is held as her accessory! Watch the Mighty Mason extricate himself from this legal noose while solving the Shore mystery with his usual finesse.

Erle Stanley Gardner’s most popular pulp creation was undoubtedly Lester Leith, whose adventures are recorded in more than 60 novelets. Lester Leith was a Robin Hood of detectives who solved baffling mysteries in order to crack down on cracksmen. Instead of robbing the rich to help the poor, Lester Leith robbed crooks “of their ill-gotten spoils” and gave the proceeds to deserving charities — less “20 percent for costs of collection.” Lester Leith is pure nostalgia — and great fun. In this collection, Ellery Queen presents five of Lester Leith’s sparkling, audacious adventures.

The man who beats crooks at their own games... Follow the adventures of Paul Pry, a sophisticated, urbane genius whose greatest talent lies in uncovering the plots of criminals and snatching their booty when they least expect it. Pry and his cohort, the nefarious ex-cop Mugs Magoo, stay one step ahead of their villainous victims and foil their evil plots just when they are about to succeed. This long-awaited collection of Paul Pry stories shows Erle Stanley Gardner, who also created the celebrated Perry Mason series, at his best.

Perry Mason finds that “art is long but life is fleeting” — especially in the fine art of murder... The painting was a modern masterpiece. But was it authentic? Three experts staked their reputations on the fact that it was. But Collin M. Durant called it a rank imitation. The witness to his remark gave Perry Mason a signed affidavit, and millionaire Otto Olney, owner of the painting, sued for slander. Then the witness — a beautiful blonde art student and model — disappeared, leaving Perry Mason headed for the courtroom and a spectacular trial. A trial not, as originally planned, for slander, but one for murder in the first degree...

If Della Street had not been so intrigued, Perry Mason may well have missed one of the most baffling cases of his spectacular career... Take one wife, strikingly beautiful... one ex-wife, whittled down to make a comeback... a gorgeous secretary trying to play the role of Ugly Duckling... and you have three lovely and shapely ladies who figure prominently in the life — and death — of Morley L. Theilman. It started with blackmail: the suitcase bulging with $20 bills, the crude, threatening notes, the clever directions for payment — and ended with murder. But why kill the goose who laid the golden egg? Perry Mason pulls some of the fastest legal footwork of his career — in front of judge and jury — before he finds the answer and cracks the case of the prosecution.

Perry Mason knew it was murder. But when the police got there it looked like suicide — except for the tall man in the tan-colored topcoat... and a most interesting fingerprint on the gun. Mason was after a hit-and-run driver and he set a trap. Into the trap walked a girl with innocent blue eyes and wheat-colored hair. Then, within twenty-four hours, Mason realized that someone was after him, and that he was holding a great big bag. At first Della Street and Paul Drake ribbed him about the girl, but it wasn’t funny when the police started building up a case not against the murderer, but against Perry Mason himself. The D.A. was licking his chops. But Mason had other ideas. With a few breaks he could rip the D.A.’s case wide open — he hoped!

Perry Mason and Della Street are writing love letters this time — to a girl they’ve never seen. In fact they don’t even know her name. But they’ve seen a letter she wrote to a Lonely Hearts Magazine. According to her, she’s both attractive and an heiress, an heiress who’s tired of people who love her for her money... According to Perry Mason, she’s lying. And there’s something phony about the Lonely Hearts business — including Mr. Robert Caddo who runs it. But there’s nothing phony about the beautiful corpse that almost puts Perry behind bars for life.

In this novelette Perry Mason clears his client, despite damning evidence in the victim’s lovenest, through the lipstick kiss impression on the dead man’s forehead.

Mason (with Della Street and Paul Drake, of course) takes on a super-baffling case involving — among other strange things— A shattering car wreck in which apparently no one was injured... A glamorous widow who should have had a husband but didn’t... An alarm clock that ticked away cheerfully under ground... A bank clerk who boasted brazenly about a $90,000 embezzlement... A girl who was always on hand when Perry Mason wanted her miles away, but was always missing when he needed her most... A client on trial for murder who wouldn’t even talk to Mason... A blood-stained bullet about which there was something very phoney... A photographer who could make a camera do everything but climb a tree... A gold mine without any gold... AND, last but not least — Perry Mason, all but hoist with his own petard.

When Morley Eden burst into Perry Mason’s office claiming that a beautiful brunette has placed a five-strand barbed-wire fence through the middle of his property — house, pool, grounds and all — Mason is intrigued. But when he jumps into this bizarre situation with both feet, he finds himself in no time at all up to his neck in some very hot water indeed.

When two men change bedrooms at a house-party, everyone thinks that the sleepwalker with the carving knife killed the wrong man.

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