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He looked at her, at her fine grave face and too elegant gestures. He thought tiredly that this one was nearly gone, that she would go on drinking too much gin and sleeping in too many beds, that she would remember nothing between the beds and the bottles. The worst of it was that he liked her. She had a face he would remember. And for a long time he would think of her and wonder just what had become of her, whether she was alive or dead...

Genre: Love stories

There are three men in Donna Buchanan’s life... ENOS SIMON — a moody and emotional young teacher AARON BURNS — the considerate and shy husband of a cold and calculating wife WILLIAM WALTER TYLER — a middle-aged millionaire who always gets what he wants ...Three lovers woo the ambitious young dress designer who’s determined to sell her talent and her love to the highest bidder in order to crash the world of fashion.

Genre: Love stories

An unconventional story of beautiful Ivy Galvin and her strange emotional involvement with two men — and a woman.

A dirty rotten trail to murder! It was a case that spelled trouble from the first come-on to the last bullet. I’m Percy Hand, not-so-private eye. You meet a lot of gals on the make in my business, but this case had too many dames. It all started on the secluded patio of a blonde who liked nude sun-bathing. Before the case was over, one dame was dead, another missing, and The Mob was getting ready to write my epitaph in hot lead!

Genre: Neocartesian

Skimmer was the hotshot — handsome, smart, arrogant... He had everything: personality, looks, women. He was ready for success — regardless of the cost... And then he met a girl and a gangster — and something went wrong... Hotshot is Skimmer’s story — a unique candid portrait, not of the knife-wielding delinquents who capture headlines, but of today’s troubled youth as they really are. The unforgettable story of a generation battling to find its way in a world it never made.

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