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During the past decade, wife-swapping — that is, inter-couple sex — has grown to astonishing proportions in the United States. Thousands of married men and women now form a vast sexual underground, with its own rules, its own means of communication, its own self-justifications. Now, in the totally frank words of a young husband and wife who already are veterans, we learn in full detail about this spreading movement. How a couple is initiated. How they find others. How they are led from simple sex to the most far-out practices and perversions. What it does to their marital relations and their personal happiness. And. much more, all of it shocking, fascinating, illuminating. Here is the naked, vividly human truth about the new morality in America today.

Is he an out-and-out mincing homosexual? Or a closet queen? A transvestite masquerading in full make-up and dress as a woman? A muscle-bound stud? Or is he just your normal American boy who happens to be in business for himself, selling desirable merchandise — his body — at prices the market will bear? In THE MALE HUSTLER John Warren Wells talks frankly and at length to seven male prostitutes. They tell exactly what they do for a living; how they find “clients,” what they think about their clients — and themselves; they talk about money, men, women and, of course, sex. This book is a fascinating odyssey into a world that has never before been so compassionately and objectively revealed. AS SHOCKING, TOUCHING AND EXPLICIT AS TRICKS OF THE TRADE, THE ENORMOUS NON-FICTION BESTSELLER ABOUT FEMALE PROSTITUTION

Scared to Try It? These Men and Women Aren’t Here you will meet men and women who are trying every possible kind of sexual combination to make marriage work in bold new ways. Threesomes. Open adultery. Swapping. Group marriage. And a hundred variants of every possible sexual experiment within the marital relationship. These true stories surpass the most erotic fiction. Here are fascinating and eye-opening insights into just where marriage is at today.

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