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A British agent named John Craig out-Bonds James Bond.

Oil is a sensitive commodity for Western governments so when problems arise for a rich man who can deliver the oil rights Department K is quick to send in someone they can easily disavow. Craig already knows he can't trust anyone in the Department but soon finds he really can't trust anyone at all. When the stakes are high enough everyone acts in their own interest.

Kirkus' Review

Agent Craig is one hunk of a killing machine, smooth, professional, amoral, unquestioning. And the real drama comes after his masculinity has been almost severed. Will he turn on his manipulating department head Loomis? In the meantime he's successfully kidnapped a Russian agent and subsequently teamed up with other Russian agents to stop an anti-Soviet organization planning to flood the market with phoney money. But the slapdash action turns out to be equally counterfeit and the psychodrama Just so much spy schmaltz.

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