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Genre: Fiction

LAPD's top mutant-hunter, Soledad O'Roark has outfought telepaths, human flamethrowers, men with steel skin, and every other kind of freakish super-powered thing. But her high-tech firepower is no match for teammate-and rival-Eddi Aoki's attempts at friendship, which endlessly irritate the solitary Soledad. When a vigilante starts killing metanormals without mercy, Soledad and Eddi end up working the same case in a way that neither could imagine.

Genre: Fiction

The Barnes & Noble Review

When metanormals (humans with supernatural powers) first showed themselves in public, they were dressed like comic book icons and had names like Nightshift and Quadrupleman. They saved lives and stopped crimes and averted natural disasters. They were true superheroes. But there were also super villains. Like Thrill Kill and the Giggler and Hatchetman. They kidnapped the pope and held the U.N. General Assembly hostage. After a genetically mutated criminal mastermind destroyed most of San Francisco and killed more than 600,000 people, all metanormals were outlawed and given an ultimatum: Leave the United States or be killed.

Soledad O'Roark is a rookie in the M-Tac (Metanormal Tactical) unit in Los Angeles, an elite group of law enforcers trained to hunt down and exterminate rogue metanormals. Soledad makes a name for herself on her very first call by killing a metanormal with a non-regulation gun she developed. The kill gets her a hero's praise, but when the police brass get wind of the non-reg weapon, Soledad is promptly stuck behind a desk, awaiting an internal investigation. But when she finally gets another chance in the field, she takes full advantage….

Although reads like a graphic novel — with larger-than-life characters, richly stylized urban landscapes, and breakneck pacing — it's so much more than an action-packed science fiction thriller. There are elements of hard-boiled mystery, horror, and even a little romance. And the character of Soledad O'Roark isn't just another run-of-the-mill antihero. Ridley creates a realistic, flawed character that readers will not only pull for but also will ultimately want to know much more about when the novel ends.

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