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Genre: Prose

The Crown Prince is partly right; the majority in the world is against him and what he stands for; but not against Germany and the Germans.

Genre: Prose

In this thoroughly entertaining story collection, the renowned Dr. Percy travels the world searching for unique animal specimens – and keeps an eye on attractive examples of the fairer sex, as well. Will his dedication to these dual quests ever pay the dividends he’s looking for? Equal parts romantic farce and fantastical science fiction, Police!!! is a rollicking read with something for everyone.

Genre: Prose

Set during the Revolutionary War in Broadalbin; the hero is the ward of Sir William Johnson. He is sent to stop an Indian war planned by Walter Buttler who wants to turn the Indians against the rebels.

Genre: Fiction

A treasured source for Lovecraft, Howard, and others, this collection endures as a work of remarkable power. Includes all the stories from The King in Yellow—“Yellow Sign,” “Repairer of Reputations,” “Demoiselle d’Ys,” and others—plus stories from other sources, including three early sci-fi fantasies from In Search of the Unknown. 10 total. Editor’s Note:

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