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Genre: Fiction

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, comes the fourth book in the Escape to Earth Series-The Legacy of a Conqueror. The Combined Fleets have pushed back the invasion fleet from the giant galaxy, M-87. However, another player has entered the game and has attacked M-87 with a vengeance. It doesn’t take long to discover that the Milky Way is the next target of the Grey Colored Warships.

While this new enemy is moving forward, Earth’s best warrior has been arrested and faces charges of treason. The Leaders of Earth see the relationship with the Fellowship Civilization falling apart if Christopher Stone is not turned over for trial. With three galaxies at war and a fourth arming to join the conflict shortly, they reluctantly send him to be tried by the Fellowship.

The entire cluster is a war zone and Lukas has decided that Earth is not going to continue to wait for enemies to attack; Earth is going to take the fight to those that wish to eradicate mankind. It will require a special human to go out and kill trillions to defend Earth and Lukas is wondering what his Legacy will be. One thing he knew for certain certain, planets were going to burn.

The Legacy of a Conquer continues the story of an alien striving to defend Earth against overwhelming odds. The action builds into a climatic confrontation between four galaxies and a distant enemy.

Excerpt from Legacy of a Conqueror:


“Go ahead, Loree!”

“Something has entered M-87and is destroying all of our probes ahead of it on a line from the edge of the galaxy directly toward the Legends’ planet. The probes have not seen what is killing them.”

Chris stood up, “If you have any of your scouts near that line, get them out now!”

“Already done but we have no way to know what’s doing it.”

Chris sat down and started activating his console, “I’m going into the barrier and see if we can find out.” Chris looked up, “Barbie, do you have the line the probes are being taken out?”

“I do.”

“Give me coordinates ahead of whatever is doing it. Do not pick a location close to the Legends’ Planet.” Chris saw the numbers appear on his panel and he turned the steering wheel and pressed the right pedal. He saw Allison buckle in and activate her armor. He pressed a button on his chair and his armor instantly surrounded him. The Barrier Pod skipped across the giant galaxy in an instant and came to a stop at the coordinates Barbie had given him. “Estimate on how far out it is?”

Allison looked at her console, “It will be here in less than ten seconds. Chris keep your foot on the pedal and be ready to get out here!”

Chris stared at the void monitor as he said, “Why?”

“This may be more Legends.”

Chris’s eyes widened and he started to get out but it was too late. They stared at the void monitor and saw a ship coming at them that was beyond their worst nightmares. It flew past them in an instant and Chris held his breath. He watched for it to turn and come back toward them but it continued toward the Legends’ Planet. Allison was shaking as she looked at him, “WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN!?”

“It was here before I could. I was too stunned to react.”

Allison blew out quick breaths and fought to gather control of her breathing and heard, “I guess that answers one question.”

Chris exhaled, “What is that Barbie?”

“They can’t see us in the barrier.”

Allison shook her head, “That’s a hellava way to find out!”

Genre: Fiction

From the Bestselling author Saxon Andrew comes the final book in the Escape to Earth Series, Living Legends. The Legends are building new super Warships to attack Earth and its Allies and to remove the Sentinels as a threat. The Goran Scouts have intercepted their plans and the location of their new warship. A quick scan of the Legends’ new main battleship shows its a monster. The galaxies controlled by the Legends are gathering their fleets and soon, Earth will be attacked again by a larger and more powerful enemy.

A new First Commander must be chosen quickly to lead the three allied galaxies against the coming storm. What Earth and its allies don’t know is that a new telepathic species has joined the Legends and it feeds on the minds of intelligent beings. They are also unaware that there are more Living Legends than they ever thought possible. The war is coming and the numbers will make all the other invasions look tiny in comparison.

Living Legends is the final book in the series and it takes off at full speed and doesn’t slow down.

Excerpt from Living Legends

Luke pressed a button on his console and the gigantic wall monitor illuminated. A small light appeared in the center of the monitor and then grew larger as the ship scanning it moved forward. The small light quickly resolved itself into a planet and it continued to quickly increase in size. The planet finally filled the monitor and everyone was stunned by what they saw. Luke looked at Michael and saw him sit back in his chair and blow out a breath. Michael saw Luke staring at him and shrugged, leaned over, and whispered as the recording continued, “You know they were going to eventually do something like this?”


“It’s exactly what we’ve done over the last twenty years.”

Luke pointed at the monitor, “We’ve built nothing like that?”

“My mom said that size is not always the determining factor of what makes a warship really dangerous.”

Luke didn’t hear the Goran Scout describing the Legend Battleship, turned, and saw the video had ended. He looked at the assembled Alliance Leaders, who were all staring at him. He stood up and pointed at the frozen image of a gigantic warship on the huge monitor, “This vessel the Legend Elder is having built is as large as a small moon or large asteroid. Unfortunately, Hengel couldn’t move in any closer to record a better scan. I think the Legends are starting to detect energy in the barrier.” He heard the gasps from the Alliance Leaders; if that were true, it could prove to be extremely dangerous.

The Johan shook his head, “Just how did he make that determination?”

“He skipped in closer initially and started recording but a fleet of Black Warships Ships began moving out of orbit toward him. He backed out and after ten minutes, they turned around. They evidently detected something but didn’t know what it was.” The Welken Royal shook his head. Luke continued, “The images he managed to take aren’t as good as we would like but we can see that the disruptor emplacements on both of those ships they’re building are actually larger than the ones we faced on the Legends’ Planet in M-87.”

The Goran Leader thought, “Can we stand up to it?”

Luke changed the image and the assembly saw another ship that was nearly half the size of the monster. “I don’t know if we can and the ship on the monitor now has to be the new warship model that the Legend Elder mentioned. Once he completes building the monster, he intends to build thousands of the other model.”

Michael shook his head, “They don’t build things in the thousands. He’ll be building millions.”

Luke nodded, “He won’t be alone. The other Legends will also be building them as well.”

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