To Climates Unknown


Genre Fiction

Year 2022

ISBN: 979-8-75808-648-3

Volume book: Full version

“A masterful and epic novel… a stunning portrayal of how things that seem infinitesimal can shake the entire world.”

“The best alternate history novel I have ever read… daunting in its vision… this book is a dream come true.”

On September 11, the United States were destroyed.

That is, September 11 of the Year of Our Lord 1620.

In this alternate history, the was lost at sea, and the English Separatists were disheartened from further colonization of North America. The United States were never born. The centuries that follow will see the emergence of rival empires that will split up the world between them. One will become the terror of the seas. One will rampage with carriages of steam. One will take to the skies. And the people caught in the middle will fight against the colonial system to bring an end to all empires.

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