Abortion Arcade


Genre Fiction

Year 2012

ISBN: 1-936383-53-5

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Abortion Arcade


The apocalypse is over. Now zombies farm humans for their brains. As the imprisoned human cattle drift further from their humanity, the zombies flourish in a primitive renaissance, flying around in helicopters and living in smart houses made of human brains.

After Heavy Metal High’s star quarterback dies in a car accident, Danny the Dio-worshipping werewolf must transform from loser to gridiron star in this surreal pulp tragedy about teenage anxiety, high school violence, and heavy fucking metal.

In a near-future city where automobiles have been outlawed and exotic animals roam the streets, a man wakes up one morning to discover that everyone in the world is a marionette. Now his wife is dead and he must find the answer, or else lose everything to the Great Shark Head in the Sky.


"Before he goes gently into that weird night by spontaneously combusting, Pierce seems hellbent on writing his fill of Bizarro lit. His tales include many standard tropes, like pickles and pancakes falling in love, or ass-shaped goblins who abduct children for slave labor and eating, or flying Biblical sharks. It’s a scene."

“Uninitiated readers who have yet to experience this author’s distinctive verbal prose should get ready for the mind fuck of their life, and even die-hard fans of Cameron Pierce’s weird tales will be blown away by these latest writings.”

“Pierce gives us three very different novellas about a world where zombies have taken over, a werewolf strives to become a football star, and one where a man awakens to find that everything and everyone has become marionettes. All the stories are well-written with quick paces, fantastic characters, head-scratching plots, and all have deeper meanings underneath the bizarre surface.”

“Dr. Seuss meets David Cronenberg.”

—CARLTON MELLICK III, author of and

“A really good blend of funny, sad, and weird.”

—SAM PINK, author of

“ is a book of three stories united by a focus on the importance of love in an uncaring world. It is also the most literally nightmarish book I have ever read.”


“ is a dreamlike masterpiece akin to Lynch’s Eraserhead and just as full of terror, wonder and suffering. It might be the best thing Pierce has written.”

—GARRETT COOK, author of

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