Stepping Stone


Genre Fiction

Year 2013

Volume book: Full version

Frederik Pohl is one of the collaboration'est men even in this field in which multiple authorship is so common. He is best known, of course, for his excellent novels (both science fiction and "straight") with C. M. Kornbluth. He has worked with Jack Williamson on a likable series of teen-age books; and he has further collaborated, in an all but impenetrable haze of pseudonyms, with Isaac Asimov, Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr., Robert W. Lowndes, Dirk Wylie ..

This story is, I believe, his first with F&SF's Broadway critic William Morrison. Fittingly it deals with collaboration—if in quite a different sense: the sense which the word acquired, in World War II, of helping the invader to maintain his control over one's own people. This control is, fortunately for the world, not so simple a matter as a galactic Viceroy may think. There is, Messrs. Morrison and Pohl shrewdly point out, a certain inevitable flaw in any collaborationist structure.

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